February 23, 2022


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Expedition Diesel Space Heater

30.000 BTU Portable Heater

Price: $ 1055.00 CAD [ex. shipping] 
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These heaters use an ITR Patented vaporizing burner and are controlled by a fully adjustable fuel regulator. The heat output can be adjusted from 10,000 BTU/h to 30,000 BTU/h (approx. 1 liter per/hr fuel consumption on high) (0.3 US gal/hr).

The Expedition Diesel Space Heater delivers the ultimate in clean, efficient heat and requires no electricity. A diesel fuelled heater means low maintenance, simple to light and operate, with no chopping wood or hauling heavy propane cylinders as with other types of heaters. On low, a 20 liter jerry can will last 25 hours on readily available diesel fuel. The Expedition space heater will keep you warm and comfortable in your insulated wall tent, cabin, garage, or workshop or where-ever you need portable or emergency heat.

The Expedition also incorporates multiple operational safety features, a patented non-flooding burner, fuel regulator with overheat protection, and a manual fuel shutoff valve. A stainless heat shield is attached to the heater to protect the user from incidental contact.

In stock=Temporarily out of stock!= The Trekker w/fuel and vent kits package can be shipped by Canada Post to Europe, United States and all over Canada.

These non-powered diesel space heaters are being used in mining camps, construction sites, wall tents, agricultural buildings, homes, cottages, workshops and garages, ice fishing shacks, hunting and outfitting operations, emergency shelters.

These stoves and heaters are designed for use only with clean;
DF1, DF2, DFA, P-40, P-50

Expedition – Weight and shipping sizes:

 Width  Depth  Height  Weight  Weight incl. fuel/vent kits
 20″  20″  32″  52 lbs  65 lbs
 51cm  51cm  92cm  24 kg  30 kg


Expedition heater brochure         expedition manual         Quick installation guide

Specific Information:

 1. Lighting instructions (see also video)  2. Trouble shooting  3. Setup instructions
 4. Maintanance (see also video)  5. Draft control  6. Draft control type-B34


Floor Size Heating Ability Low Setting High Setting
Room with poor insulation, temperate/mild weather 300 sqft 900 sqft
Room with poor insulation, cold weather 240 sqft 800 sqft
Room with avg. insulation, temperate/mild weather 340 sqft 1200 sqft
Room with avg. insulation, cold weather 300 sqft 900 sqft
Tent with no insulation, cold weather 100 sqft 240 sqft

note: General guideline for portable structure/building with 8 foot ceiling. Other factors like quantity and size of windows and exterior walls will affect above numbers.



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